Polling Place to be Opened on Smith Island

After plans were announced to close the in-person voting location on Smith Island, it was announced Wednesday that the remote Chesapeake Bay island will receive its own polling location.

Maryland Administrator of Elections Linda Lamone told State Senator Mary Beth Carozza “I advised the Somerset County Board of Elections that the voters on Smith Island should be provided with the opportunity to vote in-person on Election Day.”

In a statement, Senator Carozza said “While we understand the extraordinary challengers that COVID-19 has presented in dramatically reducing the overall number of voting sites across Maryland, going from 1,800 in a normal election year to approximately 315 during COVID-19, we needed to protect the voting rights of Smith Island voters to vote in-person on Election Day.”

Governor Larry Hogan has called on the State Board of Elections to allow “maximum participation” in the upcoming general election including as many in person voting locations as possible.