Delaware Attorney General Releases Legislative Priorities for the Year

Attorney General Kathy Jennings released Tuesday a legislative agenda outlining ten policy priorities that she will advocate to the 151st General Assembly in 2021.

“I know what we’re capable of in 2021, because I know what we accomplished together in the last two years,” said Attorney General Jennings. “We’ve made real progress, from historic criminal justice reforms, to reducing Delaware’s prison population, to major victories in the courts. But our work isn’t over. All of these priorities are common sense policies that everyone should be able to get behind. Together, we can get it done – so let’s get to work.”

In a video message, the Attorney General outlines some of the DOJ’s major accomplishments since December 2018 – including unprecedented progress on criminal justice reform, a 25% reduction in Delaware’s sentenced inmate population, and more than $100 million secured for Delawareans in 2020 alone – and lists ten key priorities for 2021:

  1. Requiring a permit to purchase firearms, a policy that has led in red and blue states alike to significant reductions in gun homicides and gun suicides
  2. Banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, policies the Attorney General has supported for years
  3. Regulating homemade gun kits, which are playing an increasing role in Delaware’s shootings
  4. Funding body cameras for every police officer in Delaware, which was one of 15 police reform proposals AG Jennings proposed in 2020, and for which Gov. Carney included significant funding in his recommended budget for 2021
  5. Creating a consistent, objective use of force standard to replace Delaware law’s current subjective, vague, and confusing standard
  6. Ending cash bail to ensure that violent offenders can’t go free because of their wealth and that people are not detained simply because of their poverty
  7. Ending excessive court fines and fees which contribute to recidivism and have created a modern-day debtor’s prison for those who are clearly unable to pay
  8. Outlawing unfair business practices, aligning Delaware law with current policy in 46 states and the District of Columbia
  9. Securing the right to vote, including expanding the right to vote early and making permanent the right to vote by mail
  10. Banning guns in polling places, an anti-voter intimidation measure that closes a gap in Delaware law

The list is non-exhaustive. All ten priorities, along with the Attorney General’s video message and accompanying graphics, are available at